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The Panalotos- or Cane Flute, a Novel Musical Instrument

As the name Panalotos Flute indicates, this new Instrument is a "cross-breed" between a Pan- and a Lotos flute. While the Pan flute is well known by now, the Lotos flute has been available mainly as a toy until recently. It is a kind of slide recorder.

The Panalotos flute may, of course, also be taken as a toy (not only for children). But the cane flute is more than that. It is a full-fledged musical instrument permitting to Interpret the most varied styles. The prosaic designation "cane flute " comes from its look which indeed reminds us of a cane.

It is played much like a Pan flute. The different sounds are produced by shifting back and forth a bar inside the tube, thus shortening or lengthening the column of air according to the principle of the Lotos flute. Whereas the toy version of the Lotos flute has got a range of about one octave, the Panalotos flute extends over more than three octaves. The cane flute calls for especially good coordination between the movement of one's hand and one's ear: the higher the notes, the shorter the shifting distance between them. When sight-reading, one can not simply read a note and associate it with a particular fingering. One must hear the music in one's mind as in singing. This is why the Panalotos flute is also a precious pedagogical tool, as I see it. The sound of the instrument reminds us of the Pan flute. Last but not least because it permits long glissandi, "yippees" and "poppingcork pizzicati" (with the help of one's index), the cane flute identifies itself as a species sui generis.

The tube is made of anodized, the moving bar of powder-coated aluminium. The bar slides through bushes and is fitted with plastic seals at the top to make sure that the sound is confined to the volume of air it requires. The tube is held in a handle of wood which serves as a mouthpiece. A photograph of the cane flute with a short piece of music can be seen under . As compared with the Pan flute, the Panalotos flute is very economical.

It costs CHF 99.- and is sold exclusively by Martin Meyer, Bergheimstrasse 22, 8032 Zürich, Tel. ++41 / (0)44 / 382'01'10, Kontakt.

At this address one can also register for individual or group lessons as well as arrange for demonstrations (price by arrangement).

Martin Meyer


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